Welcome to Necronomicon! Florida's Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Convention!

Science Fiction - Fantasy - Horror - Gaming - Costume / Cosplay - Filk
October 9-11, 2015 in Tampa, Florida

Guests of Honor

Timothy Zahn, Joe Haldeman & Eric Flint

Get "1632 (Ring of Fire)" for Kindle for FREE!

Food at Necro

On this website under the "Local Stuff" tab there are a list of places to get food while at Necro.  Additionally, Groupon currently has a groupon for Hogans Beach which is nearby.

We also just bought a motor traders policy from One Sure which we found was good value for the upcoming motor convention at Necronomicon.

See you Friday!

Books and Python

Humble Bundle just launced a Neil Gaiman Rarities book bundle. Pay what you want for 4 books, and pay a minimum of $19.32 to unlock 12+ more. Charity this time around is the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Story Bundle is offering a Dragons & Darkness Bundle and a Disasters book bundle.

And now, for something completely different.....

Monty Python 40th Anniversary Holy Grail Box set is available for pre-order. It comes in a castle box equipped with a cow catapult.

Hotel rooms nearly sold out!

Reminder for Necro rooms - we are down to just 45 rooms! Please get yours now.

Walk-on role in Star Trek Beyond

Would you like the opportunity for a walk on roll in the upcoming Star Trek Beyond movie and support charity at the same time?  Star Trek: To Bodly Go. A new initiative dedicated to supporting nine global organizations, each chosen by the cast members of Star Trek Beyond. There are multiple donation levels, starting at just $10, and each comes with entries into the contest for the walk on roll as well as other rewards. Just visit the website!

3 More Months!

Only 3 more months until Necronomicon!  Have you purchased your membership(s) yet?  Remember, we're limited to a total of 1000 attendees, so if you want to be sure to get a membership, pre-registration is recommended.

Additionally, the hotel rooms blocked for Necronomicon are over 50% sold out. So if you want a room, don't wait until the last minute.

If you have any suggestions for panels, and/or if you'd like to host or participate in a panel, be sure to email Ann Morris.

Free eBook

The latest newsletter from Phoenix Pick is available. In it you can find a link to download a pay-what-you-want book (even $0) for July- "Pallas" by L. Neil Smith.

Also the latest issue of Glaxy's Edge, which is free to read online:

Stories by: Robert A. Heinlein, Jennifer Campbell-Hicks, Harry Turtledove, C. Stuart Hardwick, Michael Bishop, Sean Williams, Nancy Kress, Anna Wu, Tom Gerencer, Alan Dean Foster Larry Niven Ron Collins, Robert Silverberg, Dantzel Cherry, Jack McDevitt, Leena Likitalo, Alex Shvartsman, Elizabeth Bear, J. R. Vogt, Lawrence Person, Robert J. Sawyer, David Gerrold (Worldcon GOH)
Serialization: Reboots by Mercedes Lackey & Cody Martin (Part 1)
Columns: Barry Malzberg, Gregory Benford    Book Reviews: Jody Lynn Nye
& Bill Fawcett   Interview
: Joy Ward Interveiews David Gerrold (Worldcon GOH)

Guest News

We are pleased to announce that Ben Bova and Jack McDevitt will also be guests for Necronomicon 2015 and our 2016 Guests of Honor will be: Steven Barnes and Tananarive Due!

Name an ExoWorld!

The International Astronomical Union has designated 20 celestial objects for public naming. The contest, called NameExoWorld, is the first opportunity for the public to give names to numbered stars and their planets. Learn more about the 20 objects here and submit your proposed names. The deadline is June 1, after which public voting begins.


Humble Bundle has a couple of good ones this week. First up, they have a Tabletop Games bundle. These are digital versions of tabletop games you can play on your computer including Catan and Ticket to Ride. Their other bundle is a SF Book Bundle. You get to pay what you want for 6 books, pay more than average of $10.62 to unlock 8 more, and pay $15 or more to get a total of 17 books. The book bundle is up for 5 days, the game bundle for 6, so don't hesitate if you think you'd like one of these.

Bill Nye Lecture at USF

Bill Nye the Science Guy is giving a free lecture at USF Marshall Student Center on April 7, 2015 at 7:30pm. The event is open to the public, but students get priority seating. Read more here.

Book Bundles

Great Time Travel Bundle from Storybundle for the next 22 days. Humble Bundle is offering a Post Apocalyptic book bundle. Pay what you want for 7 books + the MMO Defiance, pay what more than the average of $8.70 to unlock 6 more books (so far) and 3 additonal books if you pay $15 or more. The Humble Bundle Post Apocalytic bundle runs through the end of the month.

Nebula Nominees

The Science Fiction Writers of America has announced the nominees for this year’s Nebula Awards. Members get special access to these stories but you are welcome to hunt them down, yourselves. (Many of the authors post their tales on their own sites.) A good way to gauge current trends and keep up to date. Congratulations to the nominees!

• The Goblin Emperor, Katherine Addison (Tor)
• Trial by Fire, Charles E. Gannon (Baen)
• Ancillary Sword, Ann Leckie (Orbit US; Orbit UK)
• The Three-Body Problem, Cixin Liu (), translated by Ken Liu (Tor)
• Coming Home, Jack McDevitt (Ace)
• Annihilation, Jeff VanderMeer (FSG Originals; Fourth Estate;


• We Are All Completely Fine, Daryl Gregory (Tachyon)

• Yesterday's Kin, Nancy Kress (Tachyon)

• "The Regular," Ken Liu (Upgraded)

• "The Mothers of Voorhisville," Mary Rickert (Tor.com 4/30/14)

• Calendrical Regression, Lawrence Schoen (NobleFusion)

• "Grand Jeté (The Great Leap)," Rachel Swirsky (Subterranean)


• "Sleep Walking Now and Then," Richard Bowes (Tor.com 7/9/14)

• "The Magician and Laplace's Demon," Tom Crosshill (Clarkesworld 12/14)

• "A Guide to the Fruits of Hawai'i," Alaya Dawn Johnson (F&SF 7-8/14)

• "The Husband Stitch," Carmen Maria Machado (Granta #129)

• "We Are the Cloud," Sam J. Miller (Lightspeed 9/14)

• "The Devil in America," Kai Ashante Wilson (Tor.com 4/2/14)

Short Story

• "The Breath of War," Aliette de Bodard (Beneath Ceaseless Skies 3/6/14)

• "When It Ends, He Catches Her," Eugie Foster (Daily SciFiction 9/26/14)

• "The Meeker and the All-Seeing Eye," Matthew Kressel (Clarkesworld 5/14)

• "The Vaporization Enthalpy of a Peculiar Pakistani Family," Usman T. Malik (Qualia Nous)

• "A Stretch of Highway Two Lanes Wide," Sarah Pinsker (F&SF 3-4/14)

• "Jackalope Wives," Ursula Vernon (Apex 1/7/14)

• "The Fisher Queen," Alyssa Wong (F&SF 5/14)


For additional information, see the SFWA Website.



Humble Bundle just started a great new book bundle. Pay what you want for the Subterranean Press Book Bundle and support the charity Worldbuilders.  Name your price for The Jack Vance Treasury, Inside Job, Muse of Fire, Jacaranda: A Novella of the Clockwork Century, The Ape's Wife and Other Stories, The Top of the Volcano: The Award-Winning Stories of Harlan Ellison®, and Brayan's Gold. If you pay more than the average price, you'll also get The Mallet of Loving Correction, Nobody's Home: An Anubis Gates Story, The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox, The End of the Sentence, The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate, Tortured Souls: The Legend of Primordium, and Amityville Horrible. If you pay $15 or more, you'll receive all of the above plus Academic Exercises, The Hunter from the Woods, and Black Hat Jack.


New Books

New books recently published!  Click on the bookcover to go to it's Amazon page.

The Galaxy GameTrigger WarningKaren MemoryCastaway PlanetCobra OutlawSearch & RecoveryThe Very Best of Kate ElliottNobody's Home
Dark IntelligenceAs Time Goes By

The Blackguards

Richard Lee Byers Blackguards anthology is available for preorder! Get it HERE.

Book Bundles

Writers of the Future bundle available from WeBundle.it, the Indie Fantasy Bundle is available from Story Bundle who also has a Mystery and a Video Game bundle available. Humble Bundle has a pile of Archie Comics available in their current book bundle for the next 6 days.  Baen Books currently has a Ben Bova bundle, several Charles Sheffield bundles, Frederick Pohl bundles and many others available. 

Phoenix Pick still has a few more days to get their free eBook of the month, An Elephant for Aristotle by L. Sprague de Camp.

The Man in the High Castle

Amazon is doing an original series based on Philip K. Dick's The Man in the High Castle produced by Ridley Scott.  If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch the pilot episode here.

Doctor Who Audio Book Bundle!

If you love Doctor Who and dig audio books, Humble Bundle has a bundle for Doctor Who adventures available for the next 5 days. Pay what you want and a portion goes to charity!

More book bundles

  StoryBundle has the The Holiday Fantasy Bundle for the next 3 weeks. Pay what you want for 4 books, pay $12 or more and get an additional 5 books.
  They're also offering Weird Bundle 2: The Return of the Weird is the sequel to Jeff VanderMeer's Weird Fiction Bundle, and features nine great award-winning and award-nominated international literary fantasy titles from Jeff's Cheeky Frawg ebook imprint. Not only will you love it, but just for this bundle, half of Cheeky Frawg's publisher profit will go to fund the Helsinki 2017 Worldcon bid to help get the World Science Fiction Convention to Finland. You can find out more about that cause here.

There are 12 more days left to purchase the January Baen Bundle. February's bundle is also available and features books by guests Timothy Zahn and Eric Flint. Eric Flint has books in Baen's March and April bundles as well.

Free eBooks

In case you weren't aware, there are always free eBooks available from Amazon. Just go to your favorite category and sort by price. Free eBooks change regularly, so check back often.


Read a bit about one of next years guests, Joe Haldeman in this interview.

Free Lovecraft

You can get H.P. Lovecraft's classic horror stories free online via downloadable audio books and ebooks HERE.

More reading (and gaming)

Read the new Phoenix Pick newsletter to grab some bargins and get your free eBook of the month: The Mutant Season by Robert Silverberg and Karen Haber.

The New Galaxy's Edge is free to read online.

Humble Bundle is offering a Horror Book Bundle.  Pay what you want and support charity for some great books, pay more than the average $8.91 to unlock a bunch more including horror comics. Huge bundle available for 1 week only!

StoryBundle is offering a bundle of thrillers in their  8 Ways to Thrill Bundle. You have 3 weeks to take advantage of this one. Their Urban Fantasy bundle has less than 24 hours remaining. Grab that bundle if you can, author P.N. Elrod has a huge vet bill to pay and reallly needs folks to grab this bundle!

Bundle of Holding is offering the Worldbuilder's Toolkit +2: A top quality collection that helps you run tabletop roleplaying games.

More Bundles!

Only 2 more weeks left for the December Baen Bundle. These bundles are a chance to grab some great books at a great price and include some books prior to official release. December's bundle includes books by Catherine Asaro, James Hogan, L. Sprague de Camp, and John Ringo. There are 45 days left for January's bundle which include Mike Resnick and Robert T. Garcia and the February bundle includes books from Guests of Honor Eric Flint and Timothy Zahn!

Only 5 more days to grab The Urban Fantasy Bundle from StoryBundle featuring ten terrific novels.

For gamers, Bundle of Holding is running a Cthulhu Mythos tabletop gaming bundle in their Bundle of Tentacles.


Book Bundles!

Storybundle is offering an Urban Fantasy book bundle for the next 2 weeks. The Urban Fantasy Bundle features ten terrific novels by bestselling, legendary authors and rising stars. Not only are they including phenomenal books by folks like Jim Butcher, Kevin J. Anderson, Vicki Pettersson, Carole Nelson Douglas and Peter J. Wacks, but their five books are only available through this bundle. Those exclusives can't be found anywhere else!

Also offered, The NaNoWriMo Writing Tools Bundle is a very special bundle they've put together just for National Novel Writing Month. It has 12 books by award-winning and best-selling authors who can help you not only put together a novel in a month, but help guide you into a career as a writer. Their curator Kevin J. Anderson explains more here about the award-winning and best-selling authors that want to pass their collective expertise on to you.

Also out now:

The Abyss Beyond Dreams: A Novel of the Commonwealth by Peter F. Hamilton
Fish Tails: A Novel (Plague of Angels) by Sheri S. Tepper

New Timothy Zahn book out today!

A Call to Duty (Manticore Ascendant series Book 1) by David Weber , Timothy Zahn is out today.

Necronomicon 2014 photo's

If you want to check out some photo's from around the con, Necronomicon Gaming has set up a photo album on Facebook.

Check it out!

October Reading

Now that you're home from the con, you might be wanting to pick up a new book or three...

Check out the free book this month from Phoenix Pick.

Here are some of the books coming out in October:

Closer to Home: Book One of Herald Spy by Mercedes Lackey 10/7
The Graveyard Book Graphic Novel: Volume 2 by Neil Gaiman 10/7
The Lost Stars: Imperfect Sword by Jack Campbell 10/7
The Madness of Cthulhu Anthology (Volume One) editor S.T. Joshi 10/7
The New Annotated H.P. Lovecraft by H.P. Lovecraft, ed. Leslie S. Klinger 10/13
Clariel: The Lost Abhorsen by Garth Nix 10/14
War Dogs (Audio CD) by Greg Bear 10/14
A Call to Duty (Manticore Ascendant series Book 1) by David Weber , Timothy Zahn 10/15
Red Tide by Larry NivenBrad R. TorgersenMatthew J. Harrington 10/15
The Abyss Beyond Dreams: A Novel of the Commonwealth by Peter F. Hamilton 10/21 
Fish Tails: A Novel (Plague of Angels) by Sheri S. Tepper 10/21
Five Portraits (Xanth 39) by Piers Anthony 10/21
The Peripheral by William Gibson 10/28
Kris Longknife: Tenacious by Mike Shepherd 10/28
Otherworld Nights: An Anthology by Kelley Armstrong 10/28
The Compleat Ankh-Morpork by Terry Pratchett 10/28
Annotated Sandman Vol. 3 by Neil Gaiman 10/28
Prince Lestat by Anne Rice 10/30

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